Grant Giving Policy

If you are thinking of submitting an application for funding to the trust, please read the following:

  • The CB and HH Taylor 1984 Trust will only support charities registered with the Charity Commission in the UK or from organisations legally exempt from the need to register.

  • The Trust will not consider applications from individuals.

  • Applications for specific projects and development are preferred.

  • Applications should be concise and to the point.

  • Financial information should show a clear budget for the project for which funding is sought and include sources of income.

  • If you have previously received a grant from the Trust it would be helpful if you could include a brief outline of the project for which you received funding and an assessment of its successes and weaknesses.

  • Trustees meet in May and November each year. Please note that it is not usually possible to include applications received after the end of April for the May meeting, or the end of September for the November Meeting.

  • Repeat applications will not be considered within a two year period.

  • It is essential that successful applicants provide written acknowledgement upon receipt of donation.