Grant Programmes

Due to the size and nature of The Trust the grants which are awarded are limited to certain defined areas of benefit. Please ensure that you have read the trust’s Grant Policy before applying to ensure that you are not wasting your valuable resources on an inappropriate application.

Areas of support

1. Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

A substantial proportion of the grants awarded by The Trust are given for the work and concerns of the Religious Society of Friends. Projects with a defined link to Quaker work or supported by Friends will be considered regardless of location.

2. Birmingham and the West Midlands


The Trust provides support to charitable organisations serving Birmingham and the West Midlands. Attention is given to applications from small locally-based charities and schemes intended to solve local problems and improve the quality of life within communities.

Social welfare

  • Children and young people;

  • Older people;

  • People with disabilities;

  • Homelessness;

  • Women-led initiatives;

  • Counselling and mediation; and

  • Hospice and bereavement services.


  • Adult literacy schemes;

  • Employment training;

  • Youth work; and

  • Mental health education.

Penal Affairs

  • Work with offenders and ex-offenders to reduce re-offending and help reintegration;

  • Support for families of offenders;

  • Police backed initiatives; and

  • Youth projects.

3. Additional Areas

  • Aid for humanitarian emergencies is always considered.

  • Other international support is given through a separate strategic fundraising agreement and unsolicited applications are unlikely to be successful.

  • Donations may be made to charities which do not fall into the above categories but which are known particularly to a trustee.